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Women's Healing Circles

We were never meant to be in competition with each other, bitching about another woman's cellulite, or trying to get one up on the woman next door...

We were meant to be in sisterhood.
Supporting, loving and encouraging each other to rise and shine. Knowing well that as one of us rises in our power, so do we all. 

The time of being back in sisterhood is here. 

Do you feel that call?

That whisper to find a circle of likeminded women who you can trust, lean in to for support, and feel at home with?

Is your heart longing to connect with other like-minded women in a safe

and nurturing container?

Do you long to deepen into yourself, feel safe and free in your body, and with other women you call your sisters?

Do you want a safe space to explore and do some of your inner work, whilst being held in a nurturing and deeply loving container, so you can feel that you are not alone in life's challenges?

Welcome Sister ! You are in the right place x

These circles have been lovingly created for women just like you, who have this deep yet perhaps subtle yearning for connection with other women AND have a desire do your inner exploration and work in a safely held container.

Mariam Bhunnoo


At first I was a little apprehensive about whether this type of event could help me with my own inner battles.
I left the circle feeling so much lighter and less encumbered. My inner world feels a lot less dark and scary. I am immensely grateful. I feel markedly more confident and less plagued.

Mariam's work is magically on topic and  I’d recommend these circles to anyone dealing with literally anything.


I thoroughly enjoyed the women's circle this month. I felt I did 10 days of meditation and energy shift in just those 3 hours... So powerful 


"Huge thank you for the magical circle you created last Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely! You have a very warm and welcoming energy which made me feel most comfortable...
it was beautifully put together with great care, love and attention to detail. Thank you for helping me to shift, learn and grow. "
Womens Circle Oracle Cards

These circles can support you in many ways. For example...

You may feel your heart expand as you feel the love of these strangers you call sisters, as they witness your vulnerability and you witness theirs.

You may feel a deeper connection to yourself, your heart, your truth, as the layers of defence and protection slowly dissolve, and you experience safety in your bones.

You may feel liberated as you identify and release old patterns, beliefs & stories

You may feel lighter as you release layers of energy that are no longer serving you

You may get crystal clarity on an issue you felt stuck on

You may feel inspired to take one of the rituals or practices from the circle in to your daily life, for emotional and spiritual wellbeing

You may feel joy and connection as you realise we are all so similar yet different, so unique yet connected.

You may walk away with new friends and community

If this speaks to you in any way, I warmly welcome you into this

beautiful, monthly sacred healing circle.


The circle will take you on a journey of different practices to connect, deepen, release and expand in to your Self, and each other.

We may use a variety of different practices, such as breath-work, energy medicine, chanting, meditation, journalling, movement.

We will either work with a theme, or it will be more open to explore whatever is most 'alive' for each woman. If there is a theme, this will be sent to you a few days before the event to start feeling into.

The circle takes place in the Goddess Garden Healing Room in Tooting. Full address given when you register.

The exchange for this circle is £30 

The next circle is

Saturday 18th May 2024 

1.30pm - 5pm


To book, or be notified of when dates are released - please get in touch

You can also view and book on meet-up

Mariam Bhunnoo
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