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Integrated Counselling & Holistic Therapy

A Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Approach to Therapy & Healing


Online therapy sessions with the option to

occasionally meet in-person, offering a hybrid approach. 

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"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step"

Lao Tzu

That first step in reaching out for support takes courage and can feel super scary. It's important to find the right person to work with at this point in your life - someone you feel comfortable and safe with, someone you can imagine being able to open up to. 


I hope the infomation provided on this page will you help you feel into whether we might be a good fit. 

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Mariam Bhunnoo


Perhaps you have been feeling unfulfilled for a while, unhappy with aspects or even all of your life, patterns are repeating and you know its time... You feel ready to do this work

Maybe you've tried therapy before, felt its merit, and at the same time you are ready to go even deeper to shift and transform aspects of your life

You are looking to work in a deeply holistic way that recognises the wisdom of the body as well as the mind, and that also includes the spiritual dimension of love & connection to Self


Even though you might have a strong inner critic, negative self talk, anxiety, low mood or depression, there is a part of you that is longing to heal those stories and learn how to love yourself more, feel happy & fulfilled... even though you may have no idea how

Therapy with Mariam Logo
Therapy with Mariam Logo
Therapy with Mariam Logo

Maybe you may have a diagnosis such as PTSD, CPTSD or Bipolar, or any other mental health challenge and this described way of working seems to speak to you...  

You are open and feel ready to try new tools and techniques to help heal the stories, trauma & triggers, so that you can access your innate power and authentic Self

You are ready to stop blaming the outside world, people and circumstances, and to lovingly look inside to take ownership of your life and do the work to create the life you long for 

You are curious about working in a more ‘feminine’ way, 

i.e. a way that is more intuitive, creative, nurturing, loving, grounded and wise. If you are a person with a womb, you may be curious about working in tune with the rhythm and cycles of your period  

Therapy with Mariam Logo
Therapy with Mariam Logo
Therapy with Mariam Logo

If any of this resonates and you answered yes to any of these;


You might just be in the right place.

Mariam Bhunnoo
I wouldn't be the person I am today without my sessions with Mariam. The guidance and support she gives is extraordinary.
She has a magical way of taking you on a journey
that helps you to learn and love who you are.
She is so special and I would recommend her to anyone.

C.H, Integrated Therapy Client


My Approach

Mariam Bhunnoo

My approach is centred very much around creating safety and the conditions for you to dive in to your material in a way that will support your growth and development in the direction that you desire.


I work very holistically and intuitively, integrating different healing modalities to suit the unique individual in front of me, with their needs and safety at the forefront.


The principles of counselling and psychotherapy always lay the foundation of the work, but around that, I draw upon different techniques that I intuitively feel is appropriate at different times.


I believe the mind, body and spirit to be intrinsically connected - and many of the modalities I work with help to rebuild that connection - helping you to feel more connected to yourself, your power and your true nature. 


Many of us have burnt out nervous systems, and are living in a way that is damaging not only to our mental health, but also our physical health and spiritual connection; yet we don’t realise it because somehow we got caught in the wheel of life and all its dramas, traumas and games, that we lost ourselves in it.


Often therefore, the work may begin with learning to regulate the nervous system and slow down so we can begin to properly notice the nuances of our lives and begin to come from a place of internal safety and calm, rather than the over-stimulated sympathetic branch of the nervous system (fight/flight), which may be stressed, overwhelmed and limiting our ability to see clearly.


I don't see myself a traditional counsellor.I always remain ethical and within the boundaries of safe practice (abiding by BACPs code of ethical practice), but I also follow and trust my intuition...


I am not a silent or very quiet therapist.  We will both be active participants in your healing journey and I take on the role of your loving guide.


Image by Deniz Altindas
Mariam Bhunnoo

Ultimately I believe that healing occurs through a safe, trusting and loving relationship and therefore OUR relationship is most important over and above any 'technique' used.


I am committed to staying in my heart, with an open, loving presence when I am with you. To facilitate this, being open, authentic and honest with you is critically important to me.  I am always professional, but I am also just myself in the therapy room.

This means you might not always like what you hear from me, but you will always be able to feel it coming from a space of deep love and feel that it is in service to your growth.

It also means that humour almost definitely comes in at some point!


I believe that we are all connected and that pure love and compassion are our true nature. Everything else that we experience is part of the human experience, and the difficult emotions and experiences can get stuck in us, making us feel disconnected, separate and alone.

I see the work as identifying and integrating these blocks to you feeling that true nature within you. Reconnecting and experiencing yourself in this way is often a profound experience, and is a big part of the therapeutic process and journeying towards a life that feels much more fulfilled.

Before I started therapy, I was suffering from a lot of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and constantly catastrophising.
Therapy with Mariam has truly transformed me. I have experienced so many benefits. I feel like a much more capable human

F.O Integrated Therapy Client

Theories & Modalities

The Theories & Modalities

The foundational training that underpins the way the way I work is the rigorous degree level training in

“integrative-relational” therapy, which after further study and experience,

qualified me as an Accredited BACP Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.




I work from a highly integrative perspective, meaning that I combine aspects from different schools of thought.

I draw upon the psychodynamic theories and developmental models, such as those proposed by

Freud, Jung and Bowlby's Attachment Therory.

These developmental maps help us to explore our past and understand our present day struggles and patterns in a new light, through the lens and influences of our past experiences, as well be be curious about unconscious drivers 


I also draw upon the humanistic philosophies of Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls Gestalt Therapy.

who believe that we all have all of the answers within us. What we need to access are core conditions of love and acceptance, empathy, and congruence, and with that, we can find our way back to true nature.

I am also influenced by Buddhist & Vedic philosophies, as well as Transpersonal Therapy and the work of Assagioli, which all have overlaps in the way they think about the Soul or essence of a person,

within the context of a greater consciousness or energy that surrounds and connects us. 


Within these core frameworks, I intuitively draw the following modalities I have trained in:

EFT, Hypnotherapy,Yoga Therapy, Meditation & Mindfulness, 

Rewind Technique, Theta Healing, Energy Medicine and Energy Healing.



Therapy with Mariam Logo
Mariam’s guidance has been invaluable.
I can barely recognise the person I was when we started.
I end therapy being the happiest version of myself.
I feel blessed to have found her and will forever be grateful

B.O, Integrated Therapy Client

Credentials & Fees
The Professional Credentials 

Therapy with Mariam Logo

BA (Hons) Integrative Relational Counselling 
BACP Accreditation  
PG Diploma in Trauma Therapy  
Diploma in Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation 
Mindfulness and Wellbeing at Work  
Accredited EFT Practitioner 
Reiki Usui Master 
Diploma in FreeMind Hypnotherapy & Facilitation 
Yoga Teacher - RYT 200hr  
Minded Yoga Therapy for Mental Health  
Theta Healing
Reiki Seichem Master 
Kundalini Reiki Master

Note, this list only includes professional qualifications, and not continued professional development courses & workshops - of which I have done many as per BACP requirements.

My clinical experience stems from working for a busy NHS GP Practice, The Monitoring Group charity who work with people impacted by race or religious hate crimes, and in setting up private practice. I have also worked with busy corporates from organisations such as Coutts, GSK and Endemol, where I trained and developed staff in coaching, leadership and management skills, to both enhance their performance at work, and to enable them to coach young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. I currently also teach a therapeutic yoga class to women affected by the criminal justice system.

Mariam Bhunnoo BACP Logo
AAMET Accredited Practitioner Logo - MB
RYT 200 Logo - MB

My BACP Listing can be found here

The Initial Session
Therapy with Mariam Logo

This informal, no-obligation first session gives you the opportunity to discuss your reasons for seeking support, and to explore how therapy might be able to help you. 

This session is helpful as it gives you a sense of how I work, and how you feel with me. It is a mutual session for us both to ensure we feel like a good fit together. 

Research shows time and time again that it is the actual relationship between therapist and client that is key in creating change - so ensuring that you feel comfortable, understood and at ease with your therapist is vital. 


The initial consultation is the place to see whether we feel like a good fit.

The Investment
Therapy with Mariam Logo

£95 Per 1 hour Session 

All sessions are 1 hour standard, not 50 mins.

Longer sessions available. 

Limited reduced rates offered 

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