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I slept so well, and the following days I felt so calm & relaxed.

Working with Mariam was a beautiful experience. The healing was intense and intimate, and I felt comfortable, safe, accepted and loved for all the time. She helped me to understand what were my blockages and worked on them helping me to heal deeply. I received some powerful images and had a strong sense of moving energy whilst she was working on me. I feel like I am in contact again with energies that were blocked before. That night I slept so well and the following days I felt so calm & relaxed. Thank you! I really recommend her! Imma, Energy Healing

Mariam changed my life forever

Starting therapy was for me personally one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mariam provided me with just the right amount of guidance as well as the safe space to explore myself. I loved working with Mariam, she is such a loving and gentle person, I find it hard to describe her in words that do her justice. Mariam changed my life forever. She is an inspiration and when I grow up I hope to be a bit like her! ;-) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Linda, Integrated Therapy

I found peace and self love

I initially came into therapy with Mariam having experienced a rock bottom period where I was off sick from work which at the time was attributed to stress. I came across her profile whilst browsing and felt instinctively drawn to her. I was beginning to realise that feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm where symptomatic of some root issues within my own childhood which I had never confided in anyone . Mariam made me feel entirely safe within a short space of working together I felt able to share and experienced a seismic relief in having her love, honour and validate my feelings around a secret which I had carried around with shame and a misplaced sense of loyalty for years. Mariam helped me to reconnect and nourish the parts of myself which had become stuck in unhelpful repeating patterns. Going to the sessions with Mariam over two and a half years was the first time in my life I had prioritised my own needs over those of others and getting to know and returning to myself continues to be the best gift ever. Working with Mariam takes place on body, mind and soul dimension and I truly felt shifts on a spiritual level and came to some profound realisations following bodywork sessions. I have perspective on beliefs which were so second nature to me that I didn’t realise that I could choose a different path. Mariam is so warm and genuine I felt a deep love and care from her as I was sharing the most sensitive aspects of myself, she is very funny, plus challenged or called me out in ways which benefitted me immensely. The experience of therapy with Mariam was life-changing and my only regret is that I didn’t find and connect with Mariam years earlier. The experience has given me peace and a sense of self-love. If you’re like me a few years ago and browsing and deliberating whether to get in touch, I would encourage you to do so, future you will thank you for it. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart Jenny, Integrated Therapy 2022

It has been a life changing experience for me to have therapy with Mariam

When I first started seeing Mariam I was mentally depleted, deeply struggling with issues of self-worth and expanding identity (as a person, employee, mother, wife...) I was reluctant to try therapy and convinced I could push through... I was looking for a quick solution and this led to some frustration, but Mariam’s patience with me has made the world of difference. I am so grateful to her for dedicating herself to facilitating a growth in me to realise the importance of me in my life, for teaching me to take care of myself first in order to be healthy and to embrace my chosen commitments from a place of strength and value instead of self-sacrifice and disregard for my well-being. I am now not just coping with life but actually participating in it !! I am embracing this evolving feeling of actually loving myself (!) and I feel I am no longer merely existing with all my struggles and challenges, but I'm participating in my life and appreciating happiness and beauty with confidence, compassion and hope in myself and my capabilities. It has truly been a life-changing experience for me to do therapy with Mariam. The words that come to mind most frequently in reflection of my journey with her are gratefulness, respect and peace.: B,G - Integrated Therapy

She seamlessly drew on many approaches... to help me understand, accept and cherish myself

I had an incredibly positive experience throughout the period of therapy with Mariam. Her approach was warm, empathetic and compassionate, creating a space in which I felt safe, seen and understood. She seamlessly drew on many approaches and methods in order to help me understand, accept and cherish myself. It was a deep, tender process: not always easy, but Mariam expertly navigated the sessions in ways which meant I felt unwaveringly supported and empowered. We worked online over zoom for the duration of our time together, this worked well and meant that I was in the comfort of my surroundings and was able to continue sessions even when my physical health would have prevented me from going to them in-person. The online sessions did not create a barrier to building a strong connection with Mariam and did not detract from the ability for us to do deep and sensitive work. I would unreservedly recommend Mariam as a therapist and am immensely grateful to her, as she helped me to find the tools within myself to heal and grow." Anna Norbury, Integrated Therapy

I’m a much happier, more confident and a much more mature person 

My experience of therapy with Mariam has been life changing and I will be forever grateful to her. I had been in therapy for a number of years before, but it was only after starting to work with Mariam that I began to work at a much deeper level. With great skill and gentleness, Mariam helped me open up to parts of myself that I had unknowingly sought to suppress creating a lot of inner turmoil and all manner of difficulties in my life such as anxiety, addiction and low self-esteem. Mariam created the conditions for me to feel safe enough to turn towards these excluded and wounded parts- including parts from very early childhood- which required great skill and the use of a variety of therapeutic techniques particularly somatic modalities. Although it was terrifying and the pain was sometimes unbearable, I felt held and protected in Mariam’s hands. Turning towards these parts and allowing them to experience deeply buried feelings was incredibly painful but also profoundly healing as I began to integrate and befriend these excluded parts of myself. As I said to Mariam in our final sessions, I was disappointed that she didn’t fix me completely (I realise that this expectation was unrealistic)... but I’m a much happier, more confident and a much more mature person than I was when I first walked through her door." R.B Integrated Therapy

I now have a toolkit for my anxiety & mental health... that I can use everyday 

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been coached by Mariam over the last year. She is wise, honest, compassionate and funny & I’m truly grateful for her warm smile and safe space she always provided for me. Mariam made me feel completely at ease. Discussing anything that was on my mind, and being able to let my guard down and express difficult emotions without feeling embarrassed or scared was a huge relief. I found Mariam's holistic therapy extremely helpful, relatable, constructive and educational. Throughout the year, Mariam provided me with a toolkit to help with my anxiety and improve my mental health that that I can use everyday on my own. Truly incredible, thank you for helping me x" R.H, Integrated Therapy

No more suicidal thoughts or depression... Massively reduced anxiety, OCD, agoraphobia, PTSD, anorexia 

Before I attended my first session with Mariam, I had lost complete hope that I would find the right help that I needed for my mental health. But she changed my mind in an instant, there was an immediate connection and strong sense of understanding from her. I felt safer and more comfortable with Mariam than I had ever felt with anyone before. She opened my eyes to see myself and the world in a new light and helped me in every way possible to overcome all the challenges I faced. Now I have no more Suicidal thoughts or Depression symptoms. Massively reduced Anxiety, OCD, Agoraphobia, PTSD, Anorexia and Panic disorder symptoms. I now have the ability to articulate my thoughts and feelings effectively, I can identify the different emotions and feelings I have and can understand them very well. Because of Mariam, I now have the right tools to realise my strengths and tackle any issues that may come my way. I cannot recommend Mariam enough! Integrated Therapy client

I came away with big insights,...and ready to take steps forward in my life again.

I experienced a big trauma and loss and came to Mariam. I couldn’t have asked for a better practitioner and human to understand, show deep empathy, guide me, hold me through so many emotions and offer profound and deep healing. I came away with big insights, lighter in my body, mind and soul and ready to take steps forward in my life again. Mariam is a truly talented healer, I can’t recommend her enough. She brings such a wealth of experience from her therapeutic work, spiritual development and has incredible energetic healing skills too. Thank you deeply Mariam! Thea, Energy Healing

Mariam helped me to love myself from a place of real peace & acceptance

Before I came to therapy I would spiral into fits of anger and tears, lashing out at those I loved most whenever triggered. That has stopped. Through my work with Mariam, I am now able to identify my triggers in advance or in the moment and work through them from a grounded and knowing place. I have a lot more compassion for myself and everyone around me than I ever did before. Mariam is a healer. She was a place of safety and steadiness for me and was unendingly patient and compassionate, no matter how I showed up. I felt seen and validated by her, never judged or unwanted. Mariam is able to work in so many different ways - that knowledge, together with her intuition for what I needed during each of our sessions, meant that I was able to crack open from all different angles. She helped me come to know myself more deeply than I ever did before and to love myself from a place of real peace and acceptance. Every day is still a journey, but I have been fortified with many support mechanisms by Mariam that I now feel confident in my ability to move through the world. I am truly grateful for the time we spent working together. I am a different person, a better person, because of it. Stacey, Integrated Therapy

I wouldn't be the person I am today without my sessions with Mariam

It is so difficult to put into words how incredible my work with Mariam was, but I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without my sessions with her. She created such a kind, warm environment that allowed me to really open up. The guidance and support she gives is extraordinary - she has a magical way of taking you on a journey that helps you to learn and love who you are. She is so special and I would recommend her to anyone." C.H integrated Therapy client

I feel like a new person after each session

Over the course of 9 months I have received three 1.5 hour therapy sessions from Mariam with the intention of overcoming a life long battle with Complex PTS. Unlike other therapies I have tried, Mariam's service is not as intrusive nor intense. Her professional approach is gentle and empathetic. There are many invading traumatic images which I have experienced for a number of years that would cause me to be emotionally distressed every time they would pop up. I can honestly say that since receiving Mariam's therapy, the are some things I can now talk about without bursting into tears. Some of my previous defence mechanisms have disappeared and I literally feel like a new person after each session; I feel more grounded, centred and optimistic about my recovery journey. I highly recommend this service for those who battle with anxiety, panic attacks or intrusive flashbacks. Had I known about this healing service before, I would have done this years ago." Breakthrough & Energy Healing Client

I felt huge increase in confidence & self worth 

Since seeing Mariam I have felt huge increase in confidence and self worth, the experience from start to finish felt so fulfilling. Mariam is highly skilled at helping you to come to huge realisations and to find healing smoothly and safely. I would recommended her to others time and time again. R.C Single Session with Energy Healing Client

My perception of myself has changed and I have a more positive outlook for the future

It is difficult to put into words the impact Mariam has had on my life. Her gentle, reassuring, non-judgemental and innovative style has allowed me to feel safe and encouraged in my sessions with her. Since working together I have been able to change my perception of myself, the way I interact with my family and friends and have a more positive outlook for the future Mariam has equipped me with many different tools to manage the difficulties that life can sometimes present, ensuring that I have strategies that work for me. She has gently guided me to my own conclusions, posing insightful questions, alternative scenarios and has been invested in my journey. Mariam is a very intuitive, creative, funny person with whom I have built an important and trusting relationship, one which I have truly valued in my life. Integrated Therapy Client,

I feel like a more capable human

Before I started therapy, I was suffering from a lot of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by the small things and constantly catastrophising. Therapy with Mariam has truly transformed me, and I have experienced so many benefits! I feel like a more capable human being now and I don’t feel so alone in my journey anymore – I always thought that I was the only person who experienced these things but obviously that’s not the case and therapy helped contextualise my feelings. I have also learned great techniques for caring for myself and building my self-esteem and confidence. Mariam is such an amazing and caring support through hard times. She helps you see that you have it all in you and works with you to learn techniques that works to your personality. I now feel more capable of caring and looking after myself in stormy moments. I have a deeper understanding of my core wounds and triggers. Having a better awareness of both means I am gentler with myself and know that everything is transient. F.O. Integrated Therapy

I am more compassionate, connected
and accepting of myself

The relationship I built with Mariam was one of great compassion, coupled with real connection. I felt deep acceptance of who I was and who I am in my life, and also how I was on the day. It was a relationship of kindness, yet was also challenging at times. I felt there was a shared listening going on where Mariam listened to me. She also helped me hear myself and what I was saying to myself. There was a real generosity of spirit and love in the relationship that evolved as I began to evolve myself through the work we did together. I got to explore and meet myself in a very safe way with Mariam. I met my younger self and repaired some of the painful things that happened to me. As a result I am more compassionate, connected and accepting of myself. I think the therapy with Mariam changed my life, I really do. I am a different person. There is much of me that is exposed - and the scars that were exposed were things that have been tended to and looked after. The new me is braver and has evolved and survived - and is in a kinder, happier and more generous relationship with myself. Grace, Integrated Therapy

Made a huge difference to my relationship to money & as a result I'm in a much better financial position

I am usually a balanced person, and knew I didn’t need on-going therapy but I was experiencing a real block with money and was away with the fairies, not feeling very grounded in my body or in my life. One session with Mariam was all I needed to move past what I was experiencing and take suggestions from the session to put into practice in my own life. Mariam helped me delve deeper into my issue to understand it better. She took me through a few different methods to release, which were so powerful and ones I now practice in my day-to-day life. Somehow it has managed to make a huge difference to my perception & relationship to money, and as a result I’m in a much better financial position with a healthier attitude to money. I also found the grounding methods Mariam taught me in the session really helpful, and continue to practice them, as they are easily transferable. Single Session Therapy Client (2018)

I had tried many different types of therapy without much success...
with Mariam, it was the opposite

Before starting my sessions with Mariam, I had tried many different types of therapy without much success. I never felt truly seen or understood. With Mariam, it was the opposite - even though our sessions were completely virtual. She provided the most supportive, encouraging and empathetic environment that allowed me to truly open myself to the work I needed to do. Through our sessions, she provided powerful insight and equipped me with tools to identify what was really going on in my heart and mind, and helped me understand critical linkages to my past experiences. She also went above and beyond to provide additional resources and meditations to support me in between our sessions. I'm incredibly grateful for the time we had together and found it immensely helpful." G.F, Integrated Therapy

I have a new lease of life...
I didn't know I could feel so different!

I feel very positively about the counselling experience. It was a safe haven to come and talk about a whole host of things and helped bring out thoughts I didn’t even know I had. I felt really comfortable and had a strong trust with Mariam. Over time I could see how I was willing to share more and became more open. Counselling has given me a better sense of myself and a new lease of life. It has made me feel so much better in my self. I didn’t know I could feel so different! Thank you for really helping me feel more positive about myself and my life. Izzy, Therapy

I managed to work through so much in such a short amount of time

The overall experience has been absolutely amazing. I managed to work through so much in such a short amount of time. I have never received better counselling/therapy than I have here. I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. I was able to be open and honest and with the help and direction of Mariam, I worked through so many issues. I have developed and grown so much as a person. Mariam is the best counsellor I have ever been to and worked with. Sara – Integrated Therapy

My time with Mariam has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life

My time with Mariam has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I found her to be kind, warm and skilful; in short very good at what she does. I felt comfortable in her company and without really realising it, was quickly able to trust her and trust that she valued my experiences and was committed to helping me understand these issues. Finding Mariam has helped me to work through some long held painful experiences, and to develop a sense of confidence that I can accept and move forward in my life. Charlotte, Integrated Therapy

I am more confident and have become an inspiration to people around me

I can still remember the sunny evening I bit the bullet and dialled Mariam’s number. I instantly got a good feeling after speaking with her and knew that she would become my counsellor. Throughout my journey I developed so much as a person and learnt a great deal about myself. Mariam taught me how powerful my mind was and we started to unravel all of those years of me telling myself I was a certain way, to break through the labels and barriers I had created. She also showed me it was OK to be me, that I would make mistakes and that I am in control of my life. From my journey with Mariam, I am more confident and have become an inspiration to people around me. I cannot thank or recommend Mariam enough for helping me make this my best year yet. T.M, Integrated Therapy Client

I've uncovered new layers of a happier, healthier and more confident me

Mariam has been key to uncover the new layers of a happier, healthier and more confident me. Throughout an almost year-long journey, Mariam accompanied me in a supportive and inspiring way, challenging me as necessary and encouraging me to look deeply into my established behaviors and thought patterns, as well as to move forward with the key relationships in my life. I would recommend to anyone to undertake a similar journey of self-discovery and I couldn't have found a better guide and companion of such journey than Mariam Bhunnoo. Maria, Integrated Therapy

I left every time feeling like I had made some sort of breakthrough!

Going to see Mariam was one of the best decisions I ever made. I always looked forward to sessions with her - I left every time feeling like I had made some sort of breakthrough. She allowed me to see things in a different light and she has given me tools to help me in the future. The space she creates is safe and warm which enabled me to be open and honest without feeling judged. She has a really special energy and I actually miss seeing her on a weekly basis! Chloe, Integrated Therapy

I feel free as a result !

I have been incredibly lucky to meet Mariam. She inspired me to trust her in the first session. She was natural, warm, genuine and listened with the heart. I feel Mariam was able to take me to new places, she has lifted me up, allowed me to explore, and I feel free as a result! I recommend her therapy to anyone who is searching for answers or wants to grow. Gina, Integrated Therapy

A very positive and transformative experience

Mariam clearly tailored her approach to allow me to get the most out of our sessions and to stay closely tuned to my needs. I constantly felt assured that Mariam understood and, furthermore, cared about me and my situation. Mariam is very open and transparent. She allowed me to generate the topics for discussion, whilst tactfully guiding and directing me when appropriate. I was struck that, when discussing things I had spoken about before, some key questions and prompts from Mariam directed me towards powerful emotions and underlying issues that I hadn’t fully realised or addressed. This for me was the most impressive part of the experience. Mariam is incredibly intuitive and able to gently guide the discussion to areas where more focussed, detailed work is required. Finally, Mariam was never phased by our conversations and always made me feel comfortable and able to express myself. It’s clear she has a wide range of skills and techniques and that she tailors her approach carefully. She is always present and never just going through the motions. A very positive and transformative experience. I would (and indeed already have) recommend counselling in general and Mariam in particular to anyone Steven, Integrated Therapy

I end therapy being the happiest version of myself

Mariam’s guidance has been invaluable. I can barely recognise the person I was when we started, and her part in that is something I will always be grateful for and will never forget. I end therapy being the happiest version of myself and I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to find someone I could be truly open with. Integrated Therapy Client

Mariam always believed in me... and 
I finally believe in myself

Working with Mariam opened a tightly closed door to my own life that I never knew existed; as I had always lived in someone else’s shadow. Her practice was a warm and safe place to receive consistent support, guidance and encouragement. I was accepted for who I am and I began to grow into myself. Mariam helped me to find love and accept myself as I am, without pretending or wearing masks to hide away. She always believed in me, and after a long journey I finally believe in myself. With her help I have gained freedom in all its beauty  IE, Integrated Therapy Client

Mariam enabled me to find the strength in myself... & I now have the skills to cope

I found the sessions with Mariam invaluable for enabling me to process a painful breakup and the depression that followed. Mariam enabled me to find the strength in myself and I know that when times are tough, I now have the skills to cope. I am very grateful to Mariam for this and for all of her support and guidance. Lucy, Integrated Therapy

Gave me the confidence & support to start loving who I am

Although I only had 6 sessions with Mariam due to financial reasons, I walked away with a clearer mind about who I am as a person. It’s made me aware of my behaviours and most importantly it has given me the confidence and support needed to really connect and start loving who I am. Holly, Integrated Therapy

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