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Breakthrough Sessions

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Transformational single sessions created for you to experience a real breakthrough around an issue you have been challenged by.

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Breakthrough sessions have been designed to give you
on an issue that you are Ready to BreakThrough! 

These sessions are perfect if:

  • You know you don't need a course of therapy to deal with this one specific thing. 

  • You've probably had therapy before, or you've done a lot of inner work 

  • You are clear on the issue at hand & maybe you've been reflecting on it loads, but still can't shift it - you want to go deeper without having to commit to sessions. 

Then a Breakthrough session could be just what you need !


Breakthrough sessions can help with many issues such as

A behaviour or trigger that you keep repeating, have done some exploring around, are fed up of & ready to go deeper 

A stuck experience or feeling that you keep replaying, which doesn't make you feel good - you can't seem to let it go, but you want to. You know that if you could let it go, it would bring you more freedom - so you're ready... 

Phobia that you are ready to clear 

Single incident (maybe traumatic) that still has an emotional charge when you recall it 

Conflict with someone that you want to resolve 

Feeling a bit 'stuck' 

Uncertainty on next steps for something 

Image by Sanjeevan  SatheesKumar
I was holding on to lot built up tension & rage from a breakup. This started to release almost immediately when I met Mariam for the breakthrough session.
I felt safe, secure & instantly reassured.
The whole experience was enlightening, relaxing, and provided me with the clarity & caIm I needed. Since the session, I felt I have shifted through another stage of my healing process, and I am very thankful to Mariam for being the catalyst for that.
It was such an incredible and spiritual experience.
I would absolutely recommend her work.

Monique, Breakthrough Session Client

How Does a Breakthrough Session Work?

Image by Benjamin DeYoung

1. Contact me for a free discovery Call 

2. If we agree this is suitable for you, I'll send you an intake form to complete, asking you questions about the issue you want to work on. We'll also schedule the session.

3. You can choose to add cacao to your experience

3. We meet, either in person or online for your session. The session lasts around 2 hours, or 2.5 hours with Cacao 

4. Schedule a follow-up call 10-14 days after the session 

 You'll also receive support (via Whatsapp or Telegram) to discuss anything that comes up during your integration period

Sound Good? 

And if you don't feel that you get a breakthrough in the session,

I'm also offering a money back guarantee 

So... are you ready to experience your next Breakthrough?

What happens in a Session?
 When we meet, we will unpack the issue and use a combination of intuitive guidance, coaching, hypnotherapy, regression, theta healing, breath-work, regression & inner child work, EFT, Reiki & Energy Healing
to gently but effectively smash through your issue, so that you leave the session with a deep experience of healing around the issue and clarity of what was holding it in place. 
These sessions can be experienced as "single session therapy" - meaning that you can have one session at a time as often as you need - whenever works for you, e.g. once a month or once every couple of months - whenever is needed.  This can be a more affordable way to access therapy and healing - as well as being highly effective due to the focused way of working in each session.
Adding Cacao 

You can choose to add a personal cacao ceremony to further support your session.

If we meet in person, I provide this for you. 

If online, I send you the guidelines to source and prepare the cacao for your session. 



up to 2 hour Session

Pre Session Call 

Intake form 

20min Follow up Session

Money back if you don't get a breakthrough 

+ Cacao (online)  

add 30min extra session - 2.5 hour 

 + Cacao in person 


add 30min extra session - 2.5 hour 



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